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"How A Yellow Line, A Single Sound Byte & One Line Of Text Turned A Few Clicks A Week Into Thousands Of Clicks Per Day & An Unstoppable Avalance Of Leads & Sales!"

From: Soren Jordansen & John Merrick aka The IM Wealth Builders
Subject: Getting an insane amount of clicks, leads and sales from your blogs.

As you no doubt know, blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate free traffic these days. Google loves WordPress blogs and with very little effort you can easily rank high and get loads of traffic to your blogs.

But it can be very hard to convert all that great Google traffic into actual leads and sales.

You see... most of your blog visitors have gone completely "ad blind"

They've seen all the banners before - they know they are being sold to and they don't like it.

The automated amazon review blog you set up last week ... they've seen 100 identical copies of that and they are not going to buy anything from it!

And that Aweber form on your side bar... well good luck with that!

It's not all doom and gloom though

When you have the sort of high quality traffic a blog can generate, it is easy to convert it into leads, sales and affiliate commissions...

You just need a fresh approach

Something your visitors haven't seen before...

Yet something that taps deeply into the human psychology and your visitor's fear of missing out on something...

And that's exactly what the Covert Action Bar 2.0 is designed to do.

But before we get into the details we need to examine...

Why Pop Up Blockers Were The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Pop Up Advertisers!

Remember the days when the internet was littered with pop ups and your screen could look like this...?

Well those days are over...

Because every single browser out there from Internet Explorer to Fire Fox and Chrome have in-built pop up blockers now (and have had for 10+ years)

Sure there are still pop up ads all over the web - but the savvy advertiser have moved on to using various pop-unders and other stuff that does not get blocked.

I'm sure you'll recognize the result...

90% of the pop ups your browsers block are actually stuff you want to see!

Now here's the thing... That pop up blocker bar looks almost the same in every browser. Some form of yellow bar with a text message on it and something to click (in order to see what was blocked, allow it to display etc) - and a very distinct sound will play too.

For the past 10 years we have all been conditioned to pay attention to those bars!

We know that we missed out on something

We know that the bar contains information on what was blocked

We know that there is something to click so we can unblock the pop up if we want to

And lets be honest - since mostly good stuff is blocked these days, every time you get one of those pop up blocker message you notice and you go to see what was blocked - everybody does!

The advertiser who still use the old school pop ups are banking on this fact! They know that...

Curiosity & The Fear Of Missing Out
Is Deeply Embedded In The Human Mind!

And because of this they are seeing better results from their ads now than before pop up blocking browsers became the standard (even though they of course receive fewer ad displays).

When we realized this... the proverbial penny dropped for us!

We thought... If these big software companies have been training people for years to - react to a specific sound, look at and read the text on a yellow bar and click that bar to see what they missed...

Why don't we mimic that format completely and serve ads like that on our blogs?

And that's exactly what we did... and thus Covert Action Bar was born.

Lets take a look at exactly...

Why Pop Up Blockers Were The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Pop Up Advertisers!

First of all the Covert Action Bar is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means the software will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

After you have installed and activated the plug in (only takes a few seconds) you will see a plugin admin panel like this...

As you can see you can...

Write any text you want on your Covert Action Bar. You can even use HTML to make text bold, use different colors and lots of other effects

  • Easily change the background- and font colours on you bars
  • You can link your Covert Action Bar to any page you want. Affiliate links, CPA offers, your own sites etc.
  • You decide if the link should open in the same or a new window when people click your Covert Action Bar.
  • Choose if you want your Covert Action Bar to display only on the front page of your blog, or on all pages and posts.
  • Disable your action bars on tablets and/or mobile phones
  • Show your Covert Action Bar immediately, or set any delay in seconds you'd like
Your visitors will instinctively be drawn to the bar to see what was "blocked"

And then you will have a fully clickable ad there looking something like this...

Do you think people will click that ad?

You bet they will - in fact our test have proven that...

Covert Action Bar Gets More Clicks & Better Conversions Than All Other Ad Forms Combined On Our Blogs!

And the many uses of this powerful plugin are only limited by your imagination...

Here are just a few of the highly effective strategies we have used ourselves...

  • On a review blog - make a Covert Action Bar that offers a discount but tell them it was blocked. Then ask them to click the link to claim their coupon!
  • Offer a freebie related to the content on your blog. Make it seem like the download was blocked and ask them to click in order to grab it (then link your squeeze page).
  • Use the same technique to link to CPA offers related to your blog. They won't click your banners, they have seen them all before. But they will click your Covert Action Bar and you can start counting the $$$!
  • And of course much more...

There are literally hundreds of different ways to use this plug in

The only thing that's certain is that...

It will get people's attention & they will click on your ad!


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Ok enough talk, lets get down to business - Here's what you get with the PRO version of Covert Action Bar...

Create Stunning Ads That Get 10x The Clicks
It Only Takes Seconds With The Full HTML Editor

With the full WYSIWYG editor you can easily create great looking Covert Action Bar ads in seconds - without having to worry about knowing any HTML. These ads will outperform the "normal" text ads by miles

The editor works just like the one you have in your WordPress post area, so there is no learning curve. And you get all the features such as; different fonts, colors, sizes and effects.

Use 5 Covert Action Bars At The Same Time And Place Them Exactly Where You Want To Right Down To Individual Posts!

Instead of just having one Covert Action Bar active...

The PRO version allows you to run 5 ads at the same time!

And you get full control over where you want a specific Covert Action Bar to appear.

As you can see on the screenshot below you can choose to display a Covert Action Bar everywhere, on specific pages, on posts in specific categories... even on individual posts!

You Get Full Stats On Displays & Clicks
So You Can Easily Fine Tune Your Ads For Best Results

You get full stats on the number of displays, clicks and the CTR % for all your Covert Action Bars - all from inside your WordPress admin area. This makes it super easy for you to see what's working and what needs tweaking - so you can keep improving your ads for maximum profits!

Rotate 5 Ads On Every Covert Action Bar
Automatically Split Test Your Ads & Increase Click Throughs

You can have 5 ad variations on each of your 5 Covert Action Bars - and the plugin will automatically rotate the variations for you.

That means that you can actually have 25 ads live on your blog at any given time...

But more importantly the PRO version will track the displays and clicks for each variation. The stats will be recorded in your WordPress Admin area as you see below, so you can easily split test your ads and increase your clicks and revenue!

You Had Me At "10x The Clicks!"
But What's This Going To Cost Me?

We're going to reveal exactly how you can get your hands on this PRO version for much less than you think.

But first... let do a quick recap of exactly what you are going to get a few minutes from now. Your PRO version of the Covert Action Bar plugin comes with...

  • Full HTML Editor: Create Stunning Ads In Seconds
  • Use 5 Ads At The Same Time: And You Decide Exactly What Page, Post Category Etc. They Should Be Shown On!
  • Get Full Tracking Stats: On Displays, Clicks & CTR % - All Delivered Inside Your WordPress Admin Area
  • Split Test Up To 5 Ads On The Same Bar: And Automatically Split Test Your Variations So You Can Get More Clicks, Leads & Sales
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Warning! You Are Flushing 15% Of Your Blog Traffic Down The Toilet & It's Only Going To Get Worse!

But This Game Changing WordPress Plugin Finally Allows You To Profit From Your Mobile Traffic - Using The Same Strategies As Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Like Google & Apple!

The Brand New Covert Mobile Bar Will Be Converting Your Mobile Traffic To Profit!

Smartphones Now Make Up About 15 Percent Of U.S. Web Traffic - And Your Blogs Are Likely Failing To Convert That Traffic To Profit!

Mobile Web browsing continues to take off with smartphones and tablets accounting for 20 percent of Web traffic in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new report.

As you can see on the picture below, from online advertising network Chitika, smartphones alone now account for nearly 15% of all web traffic...

This trend is of course only going to continue - and most pundits predict that it will only be a few years before the majority of web traffic will come from handheld devices.

We have noticed this trend too - our own stats match these numbers...

But our customers are increasingly worried about whether their sites are mobile friendly and whether our products will help or hinder them.

And so they should be... If you, as an internet marketer ignore the surge of mobile you are going to miss out on a lot of money - and in the long run you won't make any at all!

All this of course also presents a challenge - and as you know we love to go into research mode and come up with unique solutions to challenges like this...

That's just what we did - but in the process we quickly learned a lesson that we need to share before we can move on...

Making A Blog Mobile Friendly Is Easy...
But Monetizing Mobile Traffic Is Bloody Hard!

There is no shortage of mobile themes out there - and also plugins that will let you run mobile versions of your themes.

WordPress itself is pretty mobile friendly these days and all but the most outrageous themes at least look half decent in mobile browsers.

The 5% traffic from tablets is not really a problem either - your site usually displays just as well there as on a normal laptop.

The 15% (and rising) traffic from smartphones does pose a challenge though as the screen and thus browsing area will always be smaller than on a PC.

As I said it's easy to make a blog look good on smartphones...

But it's just that... looks only!

Quite frankly this is where most people get it wrong - they think that as long as their site looks good on mobile, they are good to go.

We are internet marketers and while having a nice looking site is good for business it's only a means to an end.

At the end of the day we do what we do, because we want to make money from it.

And this is where smartphones pose a real problem...

Think about the different ways you can monetize your blogs:

  • You have ads on your sidebar
  • You use pop-ups, slide ins etc.
  • And you may have purchased a bunch of plugins to help you monetize your blogs

All these have one thing in common... they are utterly worthless for mobile traffic!

A lot of ads simply don't work on mobile and even if they do they will usually be hidden out of view... And if people manage to find you ads and click on them, they are almost always taken to sites that are not mobile optimized and the click is wasted anyway.

Heck the main way to make a WordPress theme mobile friendly is to strip out the sidebars - and I bet that takes away most of your blog monetization.

The fact is that...

Monetizing Mobile Traffic Requires An Entirely New Approach & We Might As Well Look At How The People Who Invented & Control Mobile Browsing Do It!

Apple is of course the king of mobile traffic - with 72% of all web traffic from smartphones coming from Apple devices.

With the Android system Google is #2 with around 26% of the traffic - and that pretty much leaves everyone else in the dust.

So it makes sense to look at how these two mastodonts advertise to mobile traffic themselves...

If you visit the Apple's sites in a mobile browser you will be greeted with a bar like this, advertising Apple products and the app store:

And Google has a similar bar for Google Play (the biggest app store for Android).

That of course made us sit up and take notice...

When two of the world's biggest and richest companies - companies that pioneered and control mobile browsing - deploy the same tactics for monetizing their mobile traffic, you have to take notice!

We wanted to replicate this approach and bring it to our own blogs.

The added benefit was that Apple and Google have already gotten virtually all smartphone users conditioned to using these bars - they expect them, trust them and use them as a natural part of the site navigation.

So we naturally expected to see good results from it - but quite frankly what happened next totally blew our mind!

The strategy worked so well that we knew we had to share it with you...

Thus our new Covert Mobile Bar plugin was born - so without further ado..

Let's Take A Look At How The Covert Mobile Bar Plugin Works... And What It Can Do For You!

First of all... If you haven't done so already... I highly recommend that you watch the video above, where I give a completely walkthrough demo of how this powerful plugin works.

But if you prefer to read...

Covert Mobile Bar is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

In a nutshell the plugin will let you easily create a mobile bar for your blog, just like the ones Apple and Google use.

When you're inside you'll see the following super simple but very powerful options...

In this example I have set up an ad for an iPhone game we released earlier this year - but it could be used for anything and we'll get to that in a bit...

As you can see you simply enter the headline and text for you ad - and you can also customize the text on the "download" button. The preview updates in real time so you can see how you mobile bar ad is going to look.

You upload a picture and the plugin will automatically resize it to the classic app store icon size and look.

And then you enter a link people should be taken to when they click on your ad. This could be anything you like, for example an affiliate link, another mobile optimized page of yours - in this case it's of course the itunes link for our game.

If you keep the standard settings, the bar is really smart and it will automatically show the Apple version on Apple devices and the Google Play version on Android devices (huge conversion boost).

But as you can see you have full freedom to change all the colors and create exactly the bar you like.

That's all there is to it really - you now have a cool mobile bar on your blog - ready to monetize your mobile traffic.

The Covert Mobile Bar will also only show for people using smartphones to browse your site - and we have added some extra features to give you even more control...

As you can see you can enable the bar to only show for certain devices... You can for example use this powerful feature to create ads you only want to show to Apple or Android users.

If you choose not to show the bar on certain devices you can redirect all that traffic to any link you want.

You could even use the plugin to redirect ALL your mobile traffic if wanted to!

We also give you full control over where, when and how often you want your mobile bar to show...

As you can see you choose whether you want the bar to show on your index page, on other pages (categories, search results etc.).

You can display the bar on all your posts - and even select individual posts you don't want it to show on.

The same of course applies for your pages.

And finally you can set a time delay before the bar appears - and choose how often it should show for your visitors.

The end result for my ad looks like this when viewed on an iPhone...

As you can see my blog is not mobile optimized, so my sidebar and all the normal monetization has been cut away.

But now I have a highly targeted ad promoting a mobile product to the ideal target market - and my blog just went from making zero money on mobile traffic - to recapturing a good chunk of that otherwise lost revenue!

That was a quick look at how easy the Covert Mobile Bar plugin is to use, while still giving you all the flexibility you need in order to create very successful ads.

But now it's time to take a look at the many great ways you can use this powerful plugin...

There Are Literally Hundreds Of Different Ways To Use The Covert Mobile Bar - And They All Result In A Better Experience For Your Visitors & More Money In Your Pocket!

We have found a ton of ways to use Covert Mobile Bar on our own blogs and I'm sure you'll find even more.

Every single one of them increased our bottom line by catching some of the mobile traffic that was previously lost to us - and here are just a few ideas...

  • If you have blogs that aren't mobile friendly (and it's hard to change that) - Covert Mobile Bar is the easiest way to at least add something that is mobile ready, so you can salvage some of the lost traffic and revenue.
  • You might have blogs that are perfectly optimized for mobile traffic, but chances are it's hard to monetize them - Covert Mobile Bar will instantly fix that
  • And even if you blog is both optimized for mobile and monetized - Covert Mobile Bar will only enhance it and bring you more revenue
  • You can link to mobile affiliate programs on Clickbank, Amazon, iTunes, CPA networks etc. increasing your revenue from mobile traffic.
  • You can use the bar to link to other page you have that are more mobile friendly - increasing the user experience for your mobile visitors.
  • And of course much more...

The key point here is that Covert Mobile Bar simply adds an extra layer of monetization to your blogs - without interfering with anything else.

You are simply adding extra revenue by offering something to the 15% of your visitors that were previously "lost" to you.

And as the number of mobile users keeps climbing using something like this will become increasingly important - in a few years it will probably be financial suicide not to use it!

This Strategy Works Like Crazy & Here's Why...

When people land on your blog and see the mobile bar appear it WILL draw their attention.

It looks like something they are familiar with from either the Apple or Android stores - you have instantly won their trust - after all shopping for apps is something people enjoy (and spend a LOT of money on).

And because the bar will look like the Apple or Google Play bar depending on the device this is multiplied even further. Smarthpone users are often almost religious about being either an Apple or Android fan - and your Covert Mobile Bar will automatically tap into that psychology!

But most importantly Covert Mobile Bar instantly adds an easy way for you to monetize the 15% traffic you are currently earning zero money from!

So the bottom line is that - that this strategy works like a charm - in fact...

Blogs With Covert Mobile Bar Installed Started Making More Money Instantly!

It stands to reason right?

Your blog is currently receiving a bunch of traffic that your traditional monetization strategies aren't reaching.

You add a bar they are guaranteed to see - something they know and trust - and you link it to something that makes money from mobile traffic.

Of course you are going to see an increase in your revenue... how much depends on the amount of traffic (and mobile traffic) you have - but you will see an increase!

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  • Use Covert Mobile Bar on as many of your own blogs as you like - existing and future ones!
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